Finance Department


Ensuring sustainable financial strength through profitable growth


Responsible for the execution of financial activities such as annual budget of the board, annual reports, comprehensive planning, collection of premiums generated from insurance schemes, management of funds related to compensation payments and retirement benefit payments, as well as income and expenditure, annual closing accounts, assets and liabilities, the responsibility of submitting periodic reports related to liquid assets etc., also presenting management information to the Board of Directors, using the company’s money sparingly and continuing to maintain an efficient financial management situation.

Responsibility related to receipts, payments, assets and liabilities related to the financial activities of the board, responsibility for preparation of accounting reports to be submitted in a timely manner, implementation of fund investment and financial management activities, prudent use of the company’s money.

Executive Officers

Mr. Saman Subhasinghe

Director (Finance) W.B.

Mr. Chatura Samarawickrama

Assistant Director (Finance)

Ms. K. H. P. Samankumari

Assistant Director (Finance)