The Compulsory Crop Insurance scheme will be implemented from the 2018 yala season, under which the 6 compulsory crops of Paddy, Maize, Potato, Soybean, Chilli and Onion will be insured against flood, drought and wild elephants for Rs.40,000 per acre.

Reserve amount per acre is Rs. If less than 100,000, all natural hazards including flood, drought and wild elephant risks are covered and the insured amount is Rs. 100,000 or more and all risks are covered.

Under the Compulsory Crop Insurance Scheme, for all natural calamities including flood, drought and forest elephant etc., up to 5 acres of paddy and up to 2.5 acres for other crops (maize, potato, soya, chilli and onion), no premium is charged for an insurance of Rs.40,000 per acre. In case of insuring acreage in excess of the amount mentioned herein, taking insurance of more than 40,000/- or taking additional cover, premium has to be paid.

  • Under the New Cultivation Raksahan Program, this free insurance cover is available for a maximum of 05 acres from one grower who cultivates paddy in one season and for a maximum of 2.5 acres from a respondent who grows maize, potatoes, onions, and chillies, where the maximum insurance cover for one acre is Rs.40,000
CultivationInsurance Premium (In Sum Assured per Acre)
Paddy For every acre above 05 acres6.5%
Potato For every acre above 2.5 acres7%
Maize, Onion, Chili, Soy For every acre above 2.5 acres8%
  • Also, the production cost for potato, onion and chilli cultivation is Rs. 40,000/-, in such cases the cost of production determined for each crop for 01 acre for each season or year can be considered as the insured amount and insurance coverage can be given. Where Rs. 40,000/- the grower has to pay a premium calculated on the basis of 8% for the insured amount exceeding 40,000/-.
  • In addition to the basic risks of flood, drought and wild elephants, protection cover can also be obtained for the following risks and for that an additional amount should be charged from the total insured amount calculated as follows.
Additional Coveragefrom the reserve amount
Accidental fires.5%
Uncontrolled and undiagnosed diseases and pests.5%
Insect hazards.5%

To get insurance for your Crop Insurance

Meet the District Offices of Agriculture and Rural Insurance Board/ Representatives of Agriculture and Rural Insurance Board/ Agricultural Research and Production Assistant Officers in your area.